Summertime, And The Livin' Is Easy

I want to sew. I want to scrapbook the stack of pictures I have overflowing my memory box. I want to redecorate my craft room and build the perfect work station for my sewing machine and computer. I want to buy a new computer, come to think of it. I want to weed my garden, plant more flowers and mow my lawn so often that it never gets ugly. I want to add patches to my quilt and change the backing. I want to paint our wooden patio set and finally put our civic address on the sign I made for the bottom of our driveway. I want to finish the book I started three weeks ago, lay on the beach and float in my pool. I want to write. I want to purge all the clothes I no longer wear. I want to make Sangria and drink it all with my girlfriends. I want to paint our spare bedroom, go to the movie theatre with my husband and wake up early enough to go swimming before work. I also want a pedicure.  

Every summer I make a list of goals and although I'm a bit late sharing it, I assure you it's been a work in progress since the beginning of June. The list always consists of places I want to go, things I want to do and people I want to see to have the ideal summer. Last year it was all beer tents, gatherings and two day hangovers but this year the introvert in me is calling all the shots. As a true Gemini I can happily go both ways; I can follow the crowd and party like the best of them, but I love a quiet night in putting a second coat of paint on something or just being lazy.

I have friends that go so hard that I get tired just thinking about all they do in a day, which leads me to believe I'm probably one of few twenty-somethings that requires balance when it comes to having fun and taking time out. I rarely experiences FOMO because I actually like doing nothing. You've heard it all before, my days of running on barbecued hot dogs, carbonated drinks  and very little sleep are over - and I'm a better person for it.

So in the wake of the busiest time of year when everyone is home on vacation and Route 19 is buzzing, have the best time doing what makes you happy. Whether you're taking it all in or you'd just rather not.



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