Falling Into Fall

The sun is shining on this fabulous Saturday morning, but it's no beach day. I have spent my morning under a quilt, sipping on coffee and watching Breaking Bad with G. We had a lovely little breakfast and I've been browsing through a Pinterest board that is polluted with fall inspired crafts, outfits, recipes and decor. I love, love, love it.

This time of year is my favorite. As summer slowly turns into fall, I become so inspired. I make it my mission to settle into the new season with lots of things to do while enjoying the comfort of my home. We have to use our imagination around here because as the warm weather goes away, so does our social life. This is when I like to dive head first into scrapbooking, meal planning, reading, writing and of course, an exciting new television series or five.

Like everyone else, I like to fall into fall with a few goals in mind...

I absolutely love the switch from quick and easy meals, to meals that are hearty and comforting. Goodbye BBQ hot dogs and cold salads, hello soups, chowders and pasta! 
  • Visit the Farmers market for vegetables to pickle, make applesauce and jelly with our own apples.
  • Make a meal from my oriental cook book and eat the entire thing with chop sticks.
  • Learn the tricks of my food processor, use it often.
  • Buy a new cutting board.
  • Visit Liquid Gold and stock up on infused cooking oils and balsamic vinegar.
  • Use our dining room more often.
I've always wanted to know how to create my own clothing, scarves and quilts from a piece of fabric. I want to follow a pattern and finish with a product I would actually wear.
  • Buy a new sewing machine.
  • Collect fabric and sewing supplies.
  • Find someone willing to teach me a few tricks.
  • Pin sewing patterns and blogs.
  • Wear my creations.
Although I love finding a good show to watch every night of the week, I don't want to get sucked into every hot TV series going. I'd like to spend more time reading.
  • Find a magazine that touches on all of my interests, subscribe to it.
  • Exchange must-reads with someone.
  • Browse the shelves of Chapters and leave with a big bag of books.
I'd like to play my guitar again, which means dusting it off and picking up where I left off...
  • Spend evenings following YouTube tutorials.
  • Create a songbook.
  • Learn a song from start to finish.
Other goals include sending and receiving mail, making handmade Christmas gifts, visiting craft fairs, going on a hike and planning a week away. If I can achieve all of these goals by the end of winter, I'll be a very happy gal. Stay tuned for updates!

Rachel Emmilee


The time I got a phone call from a famous actor...

 It was during the Toronto International Film Festival. I was sitting at work and my phone rings.
I answer.

 A familiar voice with a strong British accent asks, "Would this be Rachel?"
Oh, by the way you need to read this conversation with your best accent. Except my parts, of course. Unless you're already British, then you can read my parts in your best Canadian accent...

"Yes, this is Rachel... Who is this?"

"Well. This is Bill."

"Okay... Hi Bill..."

"I just met your father, he says you're a fan of my films."

I laughed nervously, "Okay..."

"I told him to ring you up on the tele and I'd say hello. It's Bill."
"Okay... Hi Bill... I'm not quite sure if I..."

Confused, I stopped to think, but he quickly chimed in with something along the lines of...

"Bloody hell you either know me or your father is rather dodgy now isn't he?"

And then it occurred to me that I was actually speaking to Billy Mack from Love Actually. My Dad bumped into him at a cafĂ© downtown Toronto and explained that Love Actually is my all time favorite movie. I think I went on to repeat this is so cool about four times until I couldn't anymore and he just wished me "luck and happiness and all that good stuff" before hanging up the phone.

And that's pretty much it, but how cool is that?



Goodbye August...

All summer long, because of the intense heat upstairs, G and I slept in the guest room downstairs. Rarely with anything more than a sheet covering us and always with the window open, we'd fall asleep to the sounds of howling coyotes and thunder storms. In our upstairs bedroom we only have doors that lead to a deck and we lazy people never looked into putting screens on them to keep the bugs out, so instead, we'd move out in the summer so not to die with heat every single night. Maybe one of these years we'll get screens on those doors or better yet, and air conditioner.

This morning however, unlike the warm mornings we'd be having, I woke to the sound of rain against the window and a chill across my face. It was dark, the room was damp, and the breeze was not the summer breeze I welcomed in for the last few months. It was enough to push me out of bed because one thin sheet was no longer cutting it.

I began walking up the stairs with every intention of getting ready for work until I caught a glimpse of the perfectly made bed that had been vacant all summer long. It was big and white and fluffy and warm and I couldn't resist the temptation to jump in. I pulled the sheet, duvet and quilt up to my neck. as if I was coming in from the cold, as if I had the entire day to sleep away.

I set the bedside alarm for twenty-five minutes, because twenty-five minutes wouldn't hurt would it? Then, as I sank into the pillow-top mattress allowing the warm blankets to settle around me, it hit me that summer is coming to an end.

When did it hit you?

Rachel Emmilee

*The photo above is of a calm, romantic evening on the water in Port Hood. Just me and hubby, floating and watching for black fish. I admired his profile and held on tight as he drove us through the waves, and I felt the wind in my hair at top speed. It was the last beach night of 2013.*