The Summer Seemed To Last Forever...

We've been taking advantage of every moment to have fun in the sun. Planning everyday to meet up with friends and family, spending hours upon hours on the beach, afternoons at local watering holes and late nights at festival events is what Summer is all about. We haven't stopped. Both of our families and almost all of our friends come home this time of year to relax, unwind and catch up with everyone. It's called Gathering Week, and it's a complete shit show to be perfectly honest.

"Shit Show:   
Used when “shenanigans” is just not adequate. A shit show denotes general craziness, debauchery, alcohol use, drama and sheer insanity all occurring simultaneously. One does not usually realize the shit show is occurring until the following day."
 Some highlights include, in no particular order...
  • Being G's biggest fan, following his band around like it's my job and being especially proud of him during the last Opry Tribute.
  • Sipping on ice cold margaritas, iced coffees and Keith's Light on the sand.
  • Jigging fish and sunbathing on a friends fishing boat.
  • Enjoying quiet evenings at home, writing and sipping on tea.
  • Watching the sun go down and fireworks go up.
  • Dancing in puddles under outdoor beer tents.
  • Waking up needing coffee like we've never needed coffee before.
  • Tailgating the 57th Annual Broad Cove Concert and tapping our feet along to the Ashley Mac Isaac who opened for the Gordie Sampson
  • Partying with all of our favorite people at all hours of the night.
  • Welcoming friends' babies into the world with lots of kisses and cuddles.
  • Eating our fair share of beach burgers and BBQ. 
  • Never missing an episode of Big Brother. 
  • Tanning, sippin' and girl talkin' beside the pool.
  • Skipping down to the beach for a quick dip after work.

The thought of having another whole month of summer ahead of us is both exciting and overwhelming.  At this very moment however, it's pouring down rain and thunder is rolling overhead shaking the entire house. I am so, so happy for this. I woke up this morning and actually prayed for nasty weather so come tonight, we'd have a good excuse to relax at home. I got in from work, locked the door behind me and here I am. I am so exhausted, and this post is the extent of my productivity today.

Summer is kicking my ass, but I love it.

Rachel Emmilee

Normal people usually just go for dinner...

To be totally honest with you, I had high expectations of what our wedding anniversary weekend should be like, and those expectations were not met. For weeks leading up to it we were I was thinking of ways we could celebrate. I wanted to get away for the weekend and do fun romantic things, but G was stuck on the fact that normal people usually just go for dinner and wondered why I had to make a whole weekend out of it. I just thought, because we happened to get married on a long weekend, why not make a habit of going away on a little adventure each year?

So we I thought about going to Prince Edward Island. We'd take in a big outdoor concert, visit some friends, book a photographer for a little photo shoot, pack a picnic basket, make reservations at a fancy restaurant and yadda yadda.

Didn't happen. G wasn't particularly stoked about the photo shoot idea, the performers at the concert weren't exactly in our top ten and the fact that they were calling for rain all weekend put a damper on any fun, scenic exploration.

So we decide to go to Halifax on Saturday. I mean, we can't go wrong visiting our old stomping grounds, right? We checked into a Hotel and decided right away to go for pizza, in which I insisted on trying something new instead of going with something we knew we loved. Sadly, the pizza wasn't all it was cracked up to be and I left feeling super unsatisfied. Sigh. Why oh why didn't we just go with something we knew we loved!? Moving on, we had to find something to do inside because of the rain, so we decided to go to a movie just like old times. Now get this, the movie was such a let down that we left within the first 40 minutes. We looked at each other several times, rolled our eyes until we couldn't take it anymore and left. Back to the hotel we went...

I woke up Sunday, June 30th feeling so excited. I was ecstatic to say we'd been married a whole year and for a few minutes we happily reminisced. I planned that we'd go get breakfast somewhere new and fancy, but learned quickly that G, knowing I wasn't sleeping well lately, let me sleep in and grabbed himself some breakfast downstairs. No big deal, this just meant that I'd eat by myself and we'd get on with our day quicker than I thought.

The first thing I wanted to do was drive downtown to the Sunday market to look around. I remember going there once thinking G would love it, the delicious snack stands and the music... I imagined us strolling through the market hand in hand, shopping and tasting new foods... But...
One way streets... No parking... Pouring rain... Screw the market. 

We turned around and bypassed the rush of downtown, and I thought of swinging into the Freak Lunchbox to grab some candy. I always enjoyed a grab bag full of my old favorite candy, and figured they'd be great to snack on while spending an hour or two at the Clay Café, except...

G not having a sweet tooth made for the quickest and most boring browse through the candy store, and after thirty minutes at the Clay Café with a party of fourteen children running and screaming...We left. 
We ran from the Jeep through the rain to a place for lunch, and then onto a bar for a drink. It was a dark bar that we had never been to, and I was very turned off by the hot headed bar tender who was loud, rude and making me very uncomfortable. I tried to focus on coming up with a solid, fun plan for the day but couldn't shake feeling discouraged that so far we've yet to have any real fun. So, without ordering a second drink, we left to head back to the hotel where we crashed for a few hours.

As I got ready for the evening I had a glass of our wedding wine. G doesn't like wine, so I drank alone. For some reason, I get it in my head that he will learn to like wine just for me. So we can be that couple that drinks wine together, you know? Anyway, not this time. I was wearing my wedding day ear rings, lipstick and even my wedding shoes that so perfectly matched my new dress, and I was quietly overjoyed to sport these items for the second time. However, to my surprise, G didn't pack the appropriate clothes for a fancy dinner out, he apparently wasn't thinking that we needed to be fancy at all, so I had no choice but to change. I toned it down to jeans and a top, minus this that and everything that I planned to wear.

Are you catching my drift here? See where I'm going with this?

Needless to say, I was a bit upset going out the door, dwelling on the fact that things weren't unfolding the way I had planned and that G wasn't going out of his way to be romantic or excited about our anniversary. I mean, he only packed flip flops.

I stewed and made it clear that I had wanted more out of our day, but G asked me to stop thinking of how the weekend could have been and start thinking of how the weekend should have been. It should have just been easy. He reminded me that this time last year, all I cared about was just being with him and nothing else mattered. Coming home to our humble abode on our Wedding night made me happier than any fancy hotel ever could, and having coffee from our own kitchen and relaxing in our own bed beats any expensive weekend in the city. I've never stressed about what to wear, where to go, what to do and how much to spend... Why start now?

So I stopped over thinking everything. Our dinner date at The Keg turned out to be great, like always the meal was fantastic and it wouldn't have been any better in a dress and heels. From there, I scratched the idea that we needed to be alone to celebrate our anniversary, so we took a cab across the city to a small pub where our friends were playing a fundraiser, we had some drinks and finally relaxed. Our friend gave us a special shout out over the speakers and on top of that, I met a friend of a friend who wanted to hear all about our Wedding day and even see pictures. I was happy to show pictures and do my own reflecting on how lovely our wedding day was, and let me tell you, nothing beats a trip down memory lane with a few glasses of wine pumping through your veins.

In the end, the highlights of our anniversary weekend were the little things that we didn't plan. I didn't schedule in the few times G gave me an unexpected kiss or held my hand, and I didn't plan the mid-afternoon cuddle session while watching some of the NHL Draft. I also didn't plan on finding his hidden love note in the Sunday Herald crossword puzzle, or being given a few hours to myself to enjoy a venti caramel macchiato with my thoughts and a blank journal. Those were the happiest moments, and they weren't written in my agenda.

So, the best part of our anniversary was going with G's plan all along, which was just being us. Just being normal people who go for dinner on their Anniversary.

There's nothing wrong with just being normal people.

Rachel Emmilee