Those Suh-hummer Naaa-hights...

 I am sitting outside at a wooden table and chair set that G surprised me with a few weeks ago. It sits below a bird feeder so I had to dust some cracked seeds off the seat before I got comfortable. There is a bee buzzing in the background and what seems like a hundred birds chirping in the trees around me... *cheese-burger* *cheese-burger*... Besides the birds and the bees, all I hear is the clicking from my nails as I type. I hear nothing else. I smell fresh cut grass and clean, unpolluted air. Every now and then a fresh breeze passes across my face but I am quickly reminded that today was a hot, summer day. I smashed a mosquito against my arm. OB is walking around the grass driving his nose into little ant holes, lifting his leg on the odd bush and coming back every so often for a treat. The sun is going down. I'm appreciating that every inch of our property is budding new life in a different color and that this is the most peaceful and beautiful place I have ever known. I'm sipping on a chilled glass of wine, and this is the life.
Ah, summer.