G had already left for the day so my personal alarm was disabled. In other words, when he's not there to wake me, I sleep in. It was my own fault that when I finally got up, I had no choice but to rush from washroom to washroom and closet to laundry room to get ready for work.  I stood in the mirror and quickly got ready, applying some bright red lipstick in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. I  then pulled on some cute animal print tights, slipped into my heels and felt especially pretty and ready to start the day.
Without breakfast, coffee or a packed lunch I was out the door and regretting that I hadn't given myself more time to get ready. I hate feeling so rushed. I put the car in reverse, both hands on the steering wheel and just as I was about to pull away, I realized I left my rings on the night stand! On Valentine's Day of all days, I was not going to work without my engagement and wedding rings. I turned the car off and ran back into the house, scurried upstairs to the bedroom, grabbed my rings, and turned right back around.  But wait, in the corner of my eye, I notice a pink envelope sitting on the dresser. I stopped dead in my tracks and for a quick moment, the racing of my heart stopped, and even my dog stopped to watch me open the envelope. 
I stood in awe reading the sweetest message written on the bottom of a card that I swear was made just for me. Then I read it again, and then again. Sometimes cards really get it right, don’t they? With the panic to get out the door on hold, I sat down and called G to thank him for such a lovely surprise. 
I was almost late for work, but so grateful that I slowed down long enough to smell the roses. It was a great start to our first Valentine's day as husband and wife!

"If you're always rushing to the next moment, what happens to the one you're in?"
Happy Valentine's Day!
Rachel Emmilee

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Did I Mention...

Did I mention there is a lot happening with me right now?

Well, there is.

A lot.

Work things are happening. BIG things. Scary, intimidating but very good things. More on that a little later.

Did I mention that I love cooking and hosting parties?

Well, I do.

So GUESS WHAT... I am responsible for catering a hospitality suite this weekend in Halifax. It's kind of a big deal. The function will host upwards of 800 people from all across Nova Scotia. When the AGM events are over both Friday and Saturday evening, folks mix and mingle throughout the Marriott Hotel getting their drink on in the suites. That's where you'll find me! Last year I only mingled, but this year I'll both mingle and take the credit for the delicious snack table.

I've spent the last 24 hours planning, making lists and packing the Jeep with everything I'm going to need to prepare and serve. By the way, shopping for food for events is stressful and buying 12 blocks of cream cheese at a time is embarrassing. We leave for Halifax tomorrow morning and once I'm there I have to rush to meetings, rush back to bombard my friends kitchen, then run back to the Hotel to set up the suite and serve my h'orderves. It's going to be a long night and I have to be on my game; not only do I want the snacks to be a success, but the annual-mingle-with-work-big-wigs is intimidating. 

Did I mention there is a mother of a storm coming?

Well, there is.

So that means if we leave here by 7am, we arrive in the city by noon. Yawn.

In other news. We've gone back to talking about the idea of building a new home. There has been some talk about having our engagement story published in a book, and last but not least... I am going to be a student again! Yep, turning my brain on and enrolling in some online courses. Like I said, cha-cha-cha-changes!

Change is good. I didn't think I needed change, but all of a sudden I feel very free... Content... Secure... And just positive overall.

So, did I mention there is a lot happening with me right now?

Well, there is!

Rachel Emmilee


What He Said...


I thought I would have been all over a vacation post, but... I've been a bit overwhelmed with the whole catch up at work game, the shovel a path to the doorstep game, and the get back into normal eating game. Plus, I figure I've tortured you enough with my sunny pictures and my boasting about long walks on the Dominican beach...

With that being said, I am really and truly a hardcore homebody. As much as I love seeing other parts of the world, I know in my heart there is no place like home. The adventure was amazing, but there is nothing I love more than being in my home with my loves, doing things that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. However, if I could blink right now and be back on the beach with the smell of SPF 40 sizzling off my skin, I would... This winter weather is horrible.

There has also been a lot on my mind lately. Nothing anyone should worry about, but enough to distract me from the Blogosphere. I might share it with you soon, but for now I need to focus and figure stuff out. It won't take long, I promise. Until then...

... What he said.

Rachel Emmilee