What's my age again?

My other half left this morning on an all guys hockey trip out of Province. I am so jealous that his hobbies take him on long road trips and even up, up and away to NFLD. I was never to (to? at? in? on?) NFLD but I hope to visit someday. Hopefully G will take lots of pictures and be on his best behaviour so he can actually tell me about the trip, rather than it being a beer induced, foggy memory.

When he told me a while back that he was going on this super fun long weekend with a bunch of guys I wanted to sook and make him feel bad about it. Why? Because that's what a girl does when she is needy and hates being apart from her man, duh! Then I remembered my fun long weekend with Vickie, Matt and Matt's boyfriend in Toronto for PRIDE. He didn't try to discourage me from wanting to go so I decided to be excited for him and show that by saying, "Oh awesome, you're going to have so much fun!" Aren't I sweet? If you're wondering why I had to choose to be excited, just know that we do everything together and I panic a little when I learn that he's going somewhere to have lots of fun without me.

With that being said, I take pride in being a girlfriend that doesn't hold him back. I do admit to being sooky when he decides to exclude me from plans, I do hammer it into his head that he must check in from time to time and I tend to send him a few too many texts... But who doesn't? I couldn't imagine not caring.

Really though, I love my girl time and alone time just as much and believe it or not, I have been looking forward to this weekend. What will I do, you ask?  If I don't get tempted by friends to go out and do something fun, or if the couch doesn't tempt me to lay on it all weekend, I hope to clean and bake. I know, I suck. What's my age again? You would understand if you saw my laundry room floor and the layer of saw dust on every surface that our new flooring project left behind. 

If I reward myself with a bubble bath, a bottle of wine, a chick flick and a much needed Skype date with my cousin Matt, the weekend should be very good. So good that I forget about my man bar hopping on George Street? I don't know about that one...

Here's to hoping that Sunday I am posting photos of my clean house and a healthy certain someone comes home and notices all I have done! :)



Cheers to the freakin' weekend...

So it's Tuesday, I am two days into the work week and in such a great mood. I even managed to get through yesterday without tweeting about my #mondayblues, imagine that! If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I trend #mondayblues every Monday and sometimes more than once, but not this week.
It all started on Friday afternoon when I found this ancient fortune cookie prediction in my purse telling me I'd be getting what I want with my charming personality... Ha! Then? I bought a winning Lotto Max ticket! I knew right then that a good weekend was ahead...

The Economy Shoe Shop

One of my favorite things to do is go on road trips with G, especially on a Friday after a long week of work. After four hours of chatting and singing along to the radio, we got to Halifax and went our separate ways. He met up with friends to see a Mooseheads game and I met up with a friend at The Economy Shoe Shop to have some drinks and dips. If there is one thing you should know about me, it's that I am a huge dip fan. I highly recommend the Mediterranean Goat Cheese Dip at The Economy Shoe Shop, to die for!
After a few drinks and snacks we met up with the guys and continued down Argyle Street to a pub that had us up dancin', drinkin' and running into a lot of familiar faces. That's the best thing about Halifax; it's big enough to get your city fix, but small enough that a familiar face is never far.

We woke up early Saturday with a bit of a headache, but had a lot to do! First stop was a suit shop to browse through suits. I didn't imagine being with G when he was trying on suits, but was pleasantly surprised he wanted me to come along. It was really special for me, he was so handsome it brought me to tears, and I loved knowing what he was going to be wearing the day of the Wedding.
We continued to my uncle's jewellery store where we checked out some bands. We had never looked at rings together in the past, so it was a very fun experience looking at them for both he and I. I ended up choosing a solid gold band, and he picked one with a little bling. The last thing on the Wedding check list was picking up our invitations, and we were really pleased with how they came out.

Moving on, I managed to squeeze in a lovely visit with my all-time-life-long best friend, Tessa. She is a wonderfully talented hair stylist who always makes me feel so beautiful. She fixed me up with a color touch up and a great cut, and from there we went for dinner. Tessa is that friend that you grow up calling your sister, the one you'd secretly plan to wear a skirt with in school the next day, or ask to bring clothes to school to swap in the bathroom. She's the one that you'd share guys with and just not care, and tell all your secrets to. We lived together in our first year of college, but now live four hours from each other and only see each other every few weeks. Although we went down two different paths in life and have different interests now, we're still the best of friends and have things in common that will always keep us connected. I have such fond memories of us as young girls and teenagers, we were attached at the hip and if we lived closer I think we still would be!

Love you, Tess!

Another highlight of the weekend was meeting Dogs with Therapeutic Paws of Canada. They were such beautiful, gentle, caring animals I just had to make a donation and learn more about their cause. The dogs visit seniors and sick children at the IWK Hospital on a regular basis, providing comfort therapy. Their story really pulled at my heart strings as the IWK Hospital was a second home to my family and specifically my sister who had special needs. We spent many weeks, sometimes months, and holidays in that Hospital and the wonderful staff made it easy. For the last year of her life, my sister enjoyed the company of a darling little dog named Suebee. Suebee is my dog OB's sister, and is such a little diva! She provided to my sister what these therapy dogs provide to sick children and teens everyday and that makes me so happy.


So with a weekend full of Wedding planning, quality time with friends, great food and a cute new hair style, it's no wonder I'm in a great mood!

Wishing everyone a happy Tuesday, and a great week!

Rachel Emmilee

*** If you would like to learn more about Therapeutic Paws of Canada visit this site! ***