A Very Merry Christmas

I could write about all the food I ate; the cheese balls, dips and turkey dinners made with love by our Mothers. I could tell you about the people I laughed with or the ones that are in Heaven and how much I miss them this time of year. I could tell you about the Christmas parties I attended and the cute dresses I wore, or how singing carols makes me feel like a kid again. I could explain how the faint smell of a fire burning mixed with the cold winter air makes me feel at home. I could go on and on about the overwhelming feeling of love I felt from my Husband who never fails to surprise me with a special gift from the heart. The beautiful gifts given to us by our family, the decorations, the way the tree lights and candles in our living room make the evenings so romantic. I could tell you about the fun we had on Christmas morning watching our nieces and nephew opening gifts from Santa. I could write about the delicious wine and hot chocolate and cider. How nice it was to have something as simple as two boiled eggs and toast sitting on the floor of my parents living room in my slippers. I could write about the many times I was reminded that I am blessed.

Instead, I'll just say I had a wonderful Christmas. I hope you did too.

Rachel Emmilee

Roasted Cauliflower Soup

My Chef friend and I, without following a recipe, created this simple but delicious soup on the weekend. I gave it two thumbs up and even the guys at the table were singing it's praises! All the ingredients you will need are bold and underlined!


Rinse and chop one large head of cauliflower into roughly the same sized chunks.
Peel, rinse and cube potatoes (4-5)
Peel 4 medium onions, cut in half.

On a roasting pan, combine all vegetables. Drizzle with regular or flavour infused olive oil. I used Tuscan Olive Oil. Sprinkle with S & P, be generous.

Roast for 40-45 minutes or until fork tender, golden brown and aromatic!

While veggies are roasting, take this time to peel two large carrots and dice small. Also, cut 1/2 pound of bacon and cook in a large soup pot. Once cooked, remove and set aside for garnish, drain access bacon fat from the pot, and add carrots to the pot with a tsp of minced, bottled garlic.

Cook carrots until fork tender, making sure to run your spoon along the bottom of the pot to lift the bacon drippings!

When the roasted veggies are done, add them to your pot of carrots. Add about 4-5 cups of water, until veggies are submerged, and add a tsp of vegetable stock mix for every cup of water.

Allow flavours to come together before using your blender to puree. I use a hand held blender which was such a good investment. Plug it in, drop it directly into the pot and push a button! If you are using a regular blender, just be very careful when you're transferring the hot pot of veggies and stock and make sure the lid on your blender is tight. Back in the pot, add a generous swirl of heavy cream and serve soon after.

Garnish with cheese, green onion and the bacon you set aside.




We welcomed a new furry friend into our home last week.
 She is black and white like OB and very pretty, I must say!
Her name is Tina, and she's a cat.

I am not a cat person, and everyone in my life would agree. I'm not as excited about having her like I would be if say, she was a dog... or a baby. *Cough* I just never, ever wanted a cat and I even think I'm allergic.
You're probably wondering, well then, why did you get a cat? To that I would say, we had a problem with mice. As in, I think we were the pests and the mice were the homeowners. Mice in the country is a given, but still, who wants to find french fries in their work boots and mice droppings in your closets and drawers? That happened.

We decided enough is enough, so we adopted Tina from G's Mom. She arrived with her litter box, toys, dishes and food. She seems to like her surroundings so far, she's not afraid of OB and she comes to cuddle when you call her name. She's fully grown, a few years old and totally over the scratching stage, thankfully. She is very clean too, and she's keeping her paws off valuable things and leather furniture... So I guess what I am saying is, she's pretty low maintenance. The good news is, she already caught a mouse! The bad news, she ate it and threw it up.

OB doesn't mind her being here. The odd time he'll chase her around the house and bark at her like she has no right to be breathing his air, in his house, on his couch. As you can see in the picture above, they are napping together so there is hope that they will become good buddies.

I thought our family was already purrfect, but Tina seems to be growing on me. 

Feel free to share any advice you may have on caring for a cat. I'm going to need it!

Rachel Emmilee


On making friends in the Blogosphere...

I have been a long time follower of several lifestyle Blogs for, well, a long time.  I follow Blogs. I read peoples lives as they live it. I am always waiting for the next update so I can catch up with them, just as I would normal real life friends. For all of you non-Bloggers out there, it's not as weird as it sounds. Finding a writer you want to follow is just like meeting someone in person and planning to meet again. You meet for the first time click on their link, you gather your first impression when they introduce themselves you read their About Me, you determine whether or not you will spend time with that person again follow their Blog. If you like what you see or read, a friendship is born!

After following someone from single to married, through divorce, pregnancies, babies, adoption, loss and career changes it's only natural to feel invested as a friend and a support for that person. I look forward to coffee dates with "real life" friends just like I do curling up with the computer to catch up with online friends. Friends are friends, right?

Don't be so sure. Just like in real life, with online friends can be tricky and even dangerous because you never really know the truth. I feel that because I am honest in my writing and in what I share, that everyone else is honest too. What's wrong with having faith in people? I just can't believe that someone would put effort into building a fake life and making other people believe their lies. Unfortunately, it happens all the time.

Below is a YouTube link to an MTV show called CATFISH. You have to watch this. This show investigates romantic relationships that are built, and have remained online for years. These people invest all sorts of emotions, including love, and consider themselves romantically involved and committed to people they met online. When Nev's investigations show that most of these relationships are built on lies... Well, see for yourself. It's not cool.

Friends, I assure you that I am exactly who you think I am. There really isn't much to me, I'm just a gal who likes to write about her simple life in a tiny town and how she makes it exciting. It may not always be exciting, but at least I'm not feeding you BS. I hope you are all real too, you know who you are... The rest of you can take a hike!

Rachel Emmilee


Put on your Mom Jeans...


When I was a teenager wearing low rise jeans was all the rage. In fact, the lower the rise the better. I specifically remember one pair of jeans with a zipper that was a flippin' inch long.

Those days are over. I am now 26 years old and I own Mom Jeans. My friend and I went shopping recently and to my surprise, I was all about the high waisted pants. H&M had a great pair of denim jeans and after trying them on I fell in love. Figure flattering? I'm not sure. Comfortable? Definitely. I swear I'm not trying to sound like the SNL skit, but they're from H&M so they have to be trendy... Right?

So what are your thoughts, trendy or trashy?

Rachel Emmilee


November 14th, 2004...

For eight years you have been my inspiration, I admire your drive and ambition. You have been my rock, the shoulder I cry on and the hand that I hold when I'm scared. You have been the arms that held me, the lips that kissed me and the extra heat source I need at night. You have given me butterflies, provided safety, security and a solid ground to walk on. You have given me so many reasons to smile and so many things to look forward to.

In eight years we have experienced so much, we've helped each other grow from weak to strong and we have celebrated so many achievements together. You never asked me to change, you accept me for who I am. You have encouraged me to be comfortable in my own skin and proud of the woman I have become. You have been patient with me, understanding and supportive of all my ideas and adventures.

It's just another day to some, but to me it's when all of this begun. Our Anniversary, the day you told me you loved me for the first time, the day we decided to start a life together. In 8 years nothing could break us, the ups and downs only strengthened us and prepared us for a long, exciting life together.

Happy Anniversary to my best friend, my favorite person in the whole wide world, my G-Unit, my Husband... I love you more and more everyday.

Your Wife

*November 14th, 2012*


Makeup, Manicures & Hair... Oh my!

A weekend in the city, spending time with the Diva in me.

Lipstick, where have you been all my life? This is coming from a girl who put concealer on her lips for years... Rewind to my Wedding day... Not only did I fall in love with G again, but I fell in love with lipstick too. At 25 years of age I bought and wore lipstick for the FIRST TIME EVER... My friend Katy who I swear is a makeup guru, taught me the ins and outs of products and encouraged me play up my lips with some long lasting tricks. We lined and filled them with a nude liner, used a nude lipstick and sealed it with gloss. My lips were full and kissable all day long and since then I can't get enough lip product.

Baby Lips by Maybelline is on the rise. It's very popular amongst my friends and other Bloggers and has great reviews, so go get your lips hands on some Baby Lips people! Light and smooth, just enough gloss without being runny or sticky. It's moisturizing properties keep your lips juicy and very kissable. The smell is lovely, there are so many colors and flavors to pick from and the packaging is a treat for the eye. This is the first tube of lip product that I haven't misplaced in the first month of using it, that has to mean something!

I met a wonderful stylist who washed out the drab, dated blonde that my hair was fading into and brought it back to life with a fresh new style. She matched my roots to my ends so finally after years and years of artificial color I can say goodbye blonde and hello au naturale!

I did some shopping, over indulged in Starbucks seasonal lattes and got my nails done. Long nails; something I have always loved and appreciate now more than ever. For five long, Diva-less years as a full time RMT I had to cut my nails down to the skin. I couldn't very well massage people with claws, could I?

Sunday we returned home to the country. Red lips, pretty nails, new hair and no where to go. My hair went up in a knot, my hands in a bucket of hot water and pine-sol, the heels came off and the Uggs went on. Our streets aren't made for high heels, red lips get the wrong kind of attention and for every fancy outfit there has to be a special occasion. In our neck of the woods... literally... the Diva in me wouldn't last a day...

... I guess it's good to know she's there when I need her.

How do you pamper the Diva in you?

Rachel Emmilee


"Ooga Ooga Mooska...

Ooga ooga mooska, which means that I love you,
If you'll be my baby, I'll ooga ooga mooska you!
Then I take her hand in mine...
And set her on my knee...
The squaws along the Yukon are good enough for me!
She makes her underwear from hides of grizzly bear,
And bathes in ice cold water every day!
Her skin I love to touch,
But I just can't touch it much,
Because her fur lined parka's in the way!

I'll forever be singing the silly songs you taught us, remembering your smile, the stories you told, and all the laughter we shared together. You are finally reunited with Papa, Christine and all of our beautiful Angels in Heaven. We were blessed to have you as our Nanny, and now we are blessed to have you as our Angel.

Rest in peace, Nanny Walker.


LIEBSTER - To Be Continued...

What is better than getting an award?...

... TWO awards, duh!

You read that right guys and gals, I'm just that popular. Two awards were given to me this week from two lovely Bloggers and I couldn't be happier! Brandi from No Map Provided and Brittany from Delightfully Awkward Brit both read and enjoy my Blog enough to recommend it to their readers. *YAY* Brandi is new to my Blogging circle, she's a 20 something who like me, writes about everything and anything her little heart desires. Brittany is also a 20 something lifestyle Blogger, a Southern sweet heart and the wife of a veteran. Both of these ladies are great writers, I highly recommend you check them out!

The Liebster Award meaning, "dearest" or, "beloved" is an award given to Bloggers with 200 followers or less to build recognition and show support. This award helps people like me grow in the Blogging community, it opens doors to new readers and helps in the overall success of your Blog. This isn't my first time receiving an award for my writing, and I hope it's not my last. Thank you Brandi and Brittany!

To accept the award you must share 11 unknown facts about yourself, answer 11 questions asked of you (coming soon!) and pass it on to other deserving Bloggers. Don't forget to make honorable mention of the sweet, sweet person who nominated YOU because after all, this is all about spreading the love. 

GUESS WHAT? I very recently wrote a post with random facts about me. If you'd like to learn more about me, click here.

Here are some members of my Blogging family. There are so many wonderful Bloggers out there, it's really hard to just mention a few! I insist you visit these Blogs and encourage you to follow, you won't be disappointed!

Bree @ Simply Girly
Nagehan @ Nagehan Bayindir
Cassie @ Witty Title Here

Rachel Emmilee


Emma Stone, gorgeous and so funny!

I was THIS close to dying my hair dark red because I loved this look so much, but in no time she went blonde again. Emma has always been an inspiration in the hair department. She and I share a few of the same facial features which makes asking a stylist for her look more realistic than say, asking for Kim Kardashian hair. We both have green eyes, naturally dark brows and fare skin. I feel that if she can pull it off, so can I. Now, thanks to this hot new photo of her as a blond bombshell, I think I too am leaning a little more to the lighter side.

Which look do you like?



... october, november and december are romantic months... it gets dark by 6pm, giving you a good excuse to cuddle up under blankets with a hot cup of something yummy... i am loving tassimo caramel macchiatto lattes more than anyone should... i am loving that it's sweater, legging and boot season... i love that this weekend i go shopping with my friend in halifax... i love that my stuffed up husband hoped that giving me five kisses would win me five days off to spend with him at home... but i love that i didn't catch his cold... i love netflix... lost marathons in bed... chocolate milk... i love my sunday night dates with walking dead people and wednesday night rose ceremonies with the canadian bachelor... i love the pvr... i love snooki because she was the cutest pregnant girl ever and by far the most entertaining part of jersey shore... i love leftover wedding wine... i love coming home to handymen who are working hard to make our house as safe and sound as it could possibly be... i am loving cottage cheese... mashed potatoes and cottage cheese is the bomb... i also love grilled cheese sandwiches and eat one almost everyday... i love dips, but that's no surprise to anyone... online shopping, need i say more?... i loving my new $5 blue slippers, grandma style but so comfy... i am in love with our sweet little ob and how much he loves us... i love g for the sweet things he says and does and how he cares so much for our little family and our future... i love my blogging friends and all their sweet comments and encouraging words... i love my family and our angel and i love that she appeared in my dreams last night...

Rachel Emmilee


Let It Strengthen You

it was early morning and i woke to the sound of three loud thumps on the floor above me. i knew my parents needed me in a hurry, as that's how they'd get my attention when they couldn't go to the top of the stairs to call my name.  i heard this noise many, many times before but never panicked. sometimes i ignored it, thinking whatever they needed me for wasn't as important as my sleep - but this time, i jumped to my feet in an instant and i ran upstairs skipping three steps at a time. i felt in my gut there was something terribly wrong.

i reached the kitchen where my mother was pacing the floor and crying hysterically while on the phone with our family doctor. down the hall, i could hear panic in my fathers voice as he said my sisters name over and over. i ran into her bedroom, saw him kneeling beside her bed holding her, rocking her back and forth. she had taken a seizure.

i ran out of her room, through the kitchen, passed my mom, and at the very top of my lungs i screamed for my boyfriend who was still downstairs in my bed. the scream scratched my throat and left it raw. it radiated through my body and made me shiver. i scared myself. i never knew i was capable of such a noise.

when i think about it, i can still hear that cry ringing in my ears. i can still feel the weakness in my knees and the pounding of my heart as i ran across the kitchen. i can still feel my body crashing to the floor with no strength to stop it, and the horror and disbelief as a pain radiated through my chest. i felt my heart breaking.

she was going to die.

we were all there as she took her last breath, but in that moment we were left to live our lives without her and we didn't know how.

and we'll never know how.

but if we had the strength to get through that, we have the strength to get through anything.


An Award - About Me... All wrapped up into one!

My Blog was mentioned as a must read in A Sparrow's Flight.  Being tagged in another Blog means the author enjoys your writing enough to share it with their readers. In this case, Joyful Sparrow has a whopping 200 followers that will see my name and link, which is a big deal! A Sparrow's Flight is a Blog that follows the life and love of a 20-something-Blogger who lives her life like a free bird. Her writing is very inspirational and she's a very talented photographer. Upon receipt of an award or tag you must follow instructions; share eleven unknown facts about yourself, answer the eleven questions asked of you, and spread the love! 

I still catch myself saying and writing my old name, and I'm scared I'll never get comfortable with my new one.
I feel weird saying the word 'husband'.
I was a horrible math student, and still struggle with math.
I have anxiety every morning upon waking up, wondering what people expect of me and questioning whether or not I can do it.
I have no idea what color I want my hair to be. It's been every color and I loved every look.
I've never been more happy than when he asked me to marry him, I replay the moment in my head over and over.
I think the quotes from Winnie the Pooh are very deep and they always trigger happy emotions.
I don't like cooked carrots.
I have never splurged on expensive makeup or clothing.
I don't own a single pair of designer shades, shoes or even a designer purse.
I would love to be able to rock a colorful sleeve of tattoos.

1. What song describes me best?  Although, I think the grass on my side is also very green... :)

2. What is the best part about where I live? The peace and quiet that it brings. The beach, the dirt roads, mountains and nature everywhere you look. No stop lights, no fast food chains, no movie theaters or shopping malls or traffic jams. Sounds rough doesn't it? It's actually quite nice!

3. If I could live anywhere, where would it be? I wouldn't change anything. But if I were a single gal starting over, I'd move to NYC.

4. My perfect day would include a good cuddle session with hubby and puppy, a hot cup of coffee, a fall-in-love-again movie, an encouraging chat with my parents. Having no housework to do, riding shotgun on a scenic drive with G listening to 'our' songs, being outside in the fresh October air. Then, an amazing meal with fine wine, a bubble bath with candles and soft music, a warm cup of tea, a comfy pair of pj's and a freshly made bed to crawl into when the day is done.

5. What am I looking forward to? Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas. I love baking, being crafty and decorating our home. I'm also looking forward to some winter home renovation projects!

6. If money were no obstacle, what would I do with my time? I'd live like a desperate housewife, without the horrible attitude and plastic surgery. Yep, I admit, if I didn't have to work I'd just pamper myself all day, make our home beautiful and cook amazing meals for me and my hubby.

7. What is my favourite article of clothing in my closet? Besides my Wedding dress and an old sweater my sister used to wear, I would toss EVERY SINGLE piece of clothing I have and start new in a heart beat. My closet needs to be brought to life!

8. In an hour I will be cleaning my house. Oh joy!

9. What countries have I visited, and which was my favorite? Our honeymoon in the US was fabulous, going to Mexico with friends was a blast, but being in Cuba alone together for a week was romantic and very memorable. That would have to be our best adventure so far!

10. Where do I see myself in 20 years? Healthy, happily married with children, mortgage free with lots of happy memories!

11. What am I currently reading? That book... You know, that book that has everyone talking and... making babies?

Now, I'd like to introduce you to Amy who writes Rainy Saturday, Ryan who writes This Must Be The Place and Nagehan who writes as Nagehan Bayindir. Ladies, my questions for you are the same. Keep doing what you're doing, your writing continues to inspire me and provide me with a feeling of community in this strange thing we call a Blogosphere. Tag, you're it!

Rachel Emmilee


"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans..."

- John Lennon
I woke up this morning to a cool breeze coming in our window. I could hear the rustle of the leaves on the trees, the sky was grey and the hot, humid weather was gone. This little hint that Fall is around the corner was the perfect start to my day! I am so ready to say good-bye to summer and hello to Fall clothing, pumpkin spice lattes, pickles, crisp fresh air and a better TV schedule!
The best part about this morning? I opened my eyes at 7am and it was the cool breeze that woke me, not an alarm clock. This is huge! Hey all you morning people, how do you do it? I give HUGE PROPS to those of you who can enjoy a coffee, watch the news or exercise before going to work. I am usually rushing, cranky and half asleep going out the door in the morning.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post called Me Time, Much Needed Me Time! where I talk about my need to find balance and make changes in my daily routine. One of the changes I decided I would make is to start listening to my body when it's telling me it's tired, and getting to bed earlier so that I can enjoy my mornings. Being a huge late night TV junkie, I'm proud to say that last night was my second time this week turning the TV off instead of staying up to watch my shows. Opting out of watching Bachelor Pad to go to bed early gave me two extra hours of sleep that I can really feel the benefits of this morning. Yay me! 

(I was really excited to give you that update.) I don't often listen to my body and do what's best for me, but lately I've been doing really good finding a balance. Putting my to do, must do, should do lists aside and just going with the flow, spending more time with friends, playing golf, relaxing on the beach and getting to bed earlier each night... I've even tried out some great new recipes!
I received a lot of encouraging notes from you, my readers, telling me how I can enjoy Me Time without feeling like I'm wasting time. I realize that making plans all the time is setting standards for myself that I can hardly ever meet. This leaves me feeling unproductive and tired at the end of the day, and enough is enough. Thank you all for your helpful advice and like always, thank you for reading. I love my blogging family!
Rachel Emmilee

Our Honeymoon

JUST MARRIED was strung across the back of the Jeep, we packed anything and everything we'd need on a road trip, and we hit the pavement. I highly recommend road trips, especially on your honeymoon! After the rush of Wedding planning, partying and entertaining family and friends, the alone time together is so nice. Being alone in the car with G is one of my favorite places to be, tunes up loud, a picnic basket of snacks packed and nothing to do but enjoy the sights with no worry of time.

We drove for what seemed like forever, made some fun stops along the way and finally arrived in Bangor. We got a room, crashed and in the morning set out for Kittery where we did some shopping and touring around. Kittery is a very cute little town with nice people, great prices and great food. We walked from one shop to another and stopped for delicious fish n' chips at the cutest little diner. Keeping to Boston, we knew we had to take advantage of being in our friends neighborhood, so we met up with him and, cracked a beer and made some evening plans. He and his girlfriend took us to Strega on the Boston waterfront for dinner and it was unlike anything we're used to in Cape Breton; Italian posh with a Soprano vibe - almost intimidating. Our meal was amazing and the red wine completed the whole Italian experience. After dinner, we were off to Cheers for some drinks.

My Dad watched Cheers all the time, so it was pretty cool to hang out at the actual set.

Dinner at Strega.

. Yum! Eggs Benny and Iced Coffee at Vic's Waffle House...
One of the biggest highlights of our honeymoon, believe it or not... even for me... was seeing the Sox vs. Yankees at Fenway Park. We had amazing seats right on the field between home and first base. Within talking distance of the players, we felt like we were right in the middle of all the action! The energy, the noise, the food and of course the game made for an experience I will never forget. Needless to say, the playing of Sweet Caroline was one of my favorite moments.

We went down to Yawkey Way four hours before game time. Our friend wanted us to experience the rush of the fans in the streets. I couldn't believe the sight of thousands of fans sitting around waiting for the gates to open. The energy was awesome!
Here, we're having beers and grub at Cask N' Flagon before the game. Representin' the Sox with some brand new gear.

Inside Fenway Park getting ready to watch the game! Um, excited much?

BIG Papi

At the Yard House after the game.

We toured around Boston from the back seat, enjoyed all the sights, bar hopped and spent quality time with friends and even had a visit with some cousins. Boston was great and I can't wait to go back, but we were ready to move on to our next destination for some alone time.

The GPS was set for Herwich, Cape Cod. This town was absolutely gorgeous, like something out of a magazine. We enjoyed all the sights, took photos and visited some local shops and small businesses.  It was so nice to be tourists on our own with no directions or distractions. The people were very friendly and the weather was perfect all day, everyday. In a private, romantic beach house set right on the sand we unpacked our bags and settled in for the week. We spent our days relaxing, cracking beers at all hours of the day and had no shortage of tanning sessions or BBQ goodness. When you start to become bored with the sun and the sand, that's when you know you've reached the peak of vacation relaxation... But I didn't mind!

Looking into our cottage, looking out at the beach!

Everyday, crushing beers.

A tad bit sun drunk in this one... :)

That's me braving the water knowing that sharks weren't far from the area only days ago... Two Great Whites were spotted only 30ft from shore! Notice how I am the only one in the water? Even G is watching from the house... Hehehe

A relaxing evening. I have to admit to caving and watching The Bachelorette on Monday night, and even forced G to watch it with me...

I couldn't get enough of our late night walks on the beach, early morning swims and sand between our toes at all times. It made for a vacation that will be hard to beat. It was tough locking up and leaving it behind, but we'll be back again and again! I'd like to thank Mark and Kim who, at the very last minute on July 4th weekend accepted our request to rent their beach house. I would highly recommend this spot to any Cape Cod vacationers! Set right on the beach, it's quiet and romantic at night but busy during the day giving you the feeling that you're on a beach in Miami. Just down the road from adorable shops and great restaurants, you have everything you need and more right at your fingertips. The house was very clean, private and the owners were so very kind to accommodate all our needs!

When we left Cape Cod, we drove as far as NB. We weren't really in a rush to get home, but we looked forward to spending the remainder of the weekend on our own couch. We decided to book our last night away from NS at a fancy-shmancy Hotel. It was our first time asking for an upgrade on our travels, and it was so worth it. The room was so fabulous I could have stayed there for days taking advantage of the fluffy robes and the monster jet tub in the bedroom. The next day, we drove the last leg of our trip and arrived home... Back to reality, ready to get back into our regular routine and settle into married life. 

As they say, the honeymoon isn't over until you say it's over!

Rachel Emmilee


Wedding Photos

I would love to share all of my Wedding photos with you, but I know that wouldn't be right. Our Wedding Photographer, Betty Anne Cameron, did a fantastic job capturing every moment that we will want to cherish forever and ever. She didn't miss anything and every shot captures the happiness we felt on that day. Photos of our friends and family are being kept private, but here are just a few more of us that I am happy to share with you all! Click here to see my all time favorite shots from the collection.

Rachel Emmilee

I love this photo of me in the mirror. I am loving the tight curls that came from the rollers I was wearing all morning. I felt so beautiful! My best friend Tessa set my hair first thing in the morning, and with only 30 minutes before going to the Church, she pulled them out. It took her minutes to get my hair ready, and at the end of the night I threw all of her hard work up in a top knot!

Can you say handsome!?

 Because my Hubby is only an inch taller than me, he made one request for our Wedding day... That I don't tower over him in high heels! I decided to take him shopping with me to ensure that the shoes I picked got his stamp of approval, it was a funny experience and the girls in the store got a good laugh out of us!

I love that this moment was captured in a photo, I was so excited to see G but so overwhelmed by the crowd that I just started laughing and had to look down! My Dad looks really proud too!

White Roses with seeded Eucalyptus

Riley and Sophie, my niece and nephew and the two most adorable children I know!

Home :)


ME time, much needed ME time!

Soft music playing, the smell of an aged antique home and every so often, nature hitting my face with a breeze from an open window. A crisp sheet covering my body and nothing to do but relax. I could get used to this... Me time, much needed me time!

As the Massage Therapist stripped through my shoulder muscles she asked, "Have you cried enough?"

Being a Massage Therapist I know that sometimes conversations during treatment can get a bit deep, so I had no problem opening up to her. I thought about it for a second and eventually replied, "My family would argue that I'm a very emotional person, I feel like I talk about my feelings enough... But I guess I keep a lot in and often I get overwhelmed by my feelings... Maybe I haven't cried enough..."

The Therapist sensed that I need a good cry or an emotional release. She thinks I am holding onto negative stress and negative memories which is resulting in muscle tension and poor posture. I knew what she was getting at, as a Therapist I know that muscles hold memory. She had known from my first visit that in the last three years I have experienced a lot of change in my life. Good stress, bad stress, stress that I haven't properly dealt with or responded to.

After chatting for a while, she gathered that I am a giver not a taker, and asked how often I treat myself to fun or look for attention from others. The answer to that is not often. She asked me how much time I make for myself in the run of a day? A week? The answer to that is not much. She asked me if there is balance in my life; balance between work and play, social time and alone time, sleep, food etc. My answer to that was no, no and no.

I know I have to make a conscious effort to improve the balance in my life. Seeing a Massage Therapist regularly is a good start, but that can't be it. Too often, I turn down social time to be productive at home, and too often I ignore the urge to do things I enjoy only to follow the crowd, sleep a bit longer, or be lazy watching television. I care more about making other people happy than making myself happy, I rarely put my own needs first. I don't feel there are enough hours in the day to work and play, so I don't even try. I need to find balance. I need to know when to say no to friends and family and focus on myself, I need to know when to say NO to productivity and YES to fun.

To address to negativity that I am holding on to, the therapist encouraged a practice that involves being alone in a safe, comfortable place free of distractions. Whether it be your private back yard or the beach, surround yourself in a security circle of candles, rocks, photos or any other items that bring you comfort. Consider that you may be there a while so bring tissues, water and warmth. It's important not to make plans to socialize afterwards or entertain guests. Once you are comfortable in your security circle, all you have to do is talk out loud. Talk to yourself, talk to someone who passed, talk to someone you hold a grudge against. Imagine the energy waves are delivering your messages to them and once the words leave your lips, they are gone forever. Release all the pain, hurt, guilt, sadness or failure you feel. Afterwards, refresh your mind and body with a salt bath or a swim in the ocean... Cleanse and feel free of all the feelings that were holding you back.

We all know how good it feels to get things off our chest, so I really look forward to doing this healing exercise. If any of you try it out, I'd love to hear how you felt afterwards and what the experience was like for you. Here are some other things I'd like to incorporate into my weekly routine to add some balance...

Weekend baking...
Experimenting with food, actually using the recipes that I have collected over the years...
Early morning exercise...
Waking up with enough time to try on a few outfits, style my hair, enjoy breakfast.
Saturday afternoon walks or any physical activity instead of nursing a hangover...
Evening sunsets...
Putting my art room to good use, shutting off the television and picking up a paint brush.
Visiting my sisters resting place...
Making more time for my Nanny...
Stop wasting my week nights on house cleaning...
Saying YES to more social time...
Training for an athletic endeavor...
Spending time in our gardens, planting, weeding and improving the overall look and feel of "our" outside.

In closing, I think it is safe to say my Massage Therapist is doing the work of three different types of Therapists combined because I'm getting way more out of these visits than just decreased muscle tension.  Already I feel more relaxed and aware of what is going on around me; I see how quickly I react to stress rather than respond to it and how I easily give into things I should be doing instead doing what I want to do. That is going to change!

Do you have any encouraging advice? Tell me about your Me Time, why is it yours and no one elses and how often do you treat yourself?

Rachel Emmilee


Happy Birthday, Sweet Sister...

yesterday was my sister's birthday. she's in heaven, 22 years old. i was emotional on and off all day. i was thinking of her and all the things we'd have in common at this point in our lives being in our twenties together. my spirits were lifted throughout the day signing into facebook to see messages from family and friends who are also remembering her today.

i spent the afternoon with some of my favorite people, g of course, his mom, and my parents... pool, bbq and some laughs, christine wouldn't have had it any other way.

i couldn't bring myself to visit her grave, i have only been there 4 times since... it seems to be a lot easier for my parents and sister, but it just really brings me down. it's something i need to work on. sitting around yesterday with my family, i thought about how much she would love our "new" home and the pool especially. i find it so hard to accept that she died before i moved home, before i bought a house, before i got married, before i could start a family of my own... we would have had so much fun living 10 minutes away from each other... there are so many things that i would love to share with her, even Glee... She would freaking love Glee.

happy birthday, sweet sister... xoxo

rachel emmilee


Married One Month Today, Loving Every Minute...

Part 4 - Good Morning Mrs. B...

G and I took the last shuttle home at the end of the night... Yes, home. Why wouldn't we go back to where we live, the most private, relaxing place we know? It was so nice coming home and taking the dress off, showering off the makeup, letting my hair down and crawling in our nice cozy bed. The day was incredible, the night was a party I'll never forget.

I felt so happy and content falling asleep. So close to G, my new husband, and so lucky to have such an incredible family and group of friends. In the morning, I woke up to "Good morning Mrs. B..." and knew it wouldn't take much getting used to. I loved the sound of it. I had been waiting to say it out loud for a very long time! Like my cousin Matt stated in his speech, I spent the last decade of my life (or maybe more) doodling my name with his on everything that found itself under my pen.

We went about our morning with our regular routine, coffee, lazing from one couch to another, giddy with newly married bliss. We had a family BBQ and gift opening to attend in the later afternoon so we took advantage of the quiet time. After a while, we had some visitors come by to visit before heading on their way, we had coffee and laughed about the night with them. It's always fun hearing about the night from friends, and even better when all agree it was a blast...

Later, at my Mom and Dad's house, both families and a handful of friends gathered for a BBQ. Mom and Dad pulled off a great party once again with a delicious spread and we spent the entire night around the fire pit playing tunes and singing at the top of our lungs.  My uncle set off another round of fireworks, and one of G's friends entertained us with some jokes. It was a great way to wrap up a fantastic weekend. From there, our family and friends had to leave and the Wedding weekend came to an end. I was very sad to see everyone heading back, but excited to get started on the next chapter.

It's been a dream come true. I explained at the wedding that growing up, I did what some people frown upon or consider cliché; I grew up chasing the fairy tale. I really did. I even joked that it was during the rolling credits of The Little Mermaid that I started planning my Wedding. I looked for the Prince charming that would sweep me off my feet and give me butterflies, love me for who I am and promise me forever. My parents never discouraged me from that. I wouldn't tell anyone that fairy tales don't exist, that Prince Charmings are hard to come by or that happily ever afters are rare because I know these dreams can come true. Without the singing animals, wicked witches, dragons and fairy godmothers... I live in my own fairy tale.

 I am certain G and I will live happily ever after.

Rachel Emmilee


Part 3 - Dum Dum De Dum... All dressed in gold...

June 30th 2012

I forgot to mention that the sky was dark and everyone was anticipating a down pour all morning. I on the other hand, was not surprised that as my Dad drove my Mother and I to the Church, the blue sky came through and the sun started shining. I knew that a special Angel would make sure we had a beautiful day, so I didn't worry about the weather one bit.

We arrived at the Church to see a full parking lot, a line up of cars and people rushing in before me. I even saw some people watching me enter the Church from their cars. I felt like a movie star, and I'm surprised to say that I was as cool as a cucumber standing at the back of the Church waiting to enter. Talking to G on the phone a few hours earlier took away all my nervous jitters and I was confident and so excited to finally get married! My Dad was my rock, he kept smiling at me and said a little something that will stick with me forever…

The doors opened and through all the cameras and smiling faces the only person I could see was G. He looked so incredibly handsome standing there. He let out a deep breath as I got closer and the expression on his face assured me he was very happy and excited. Our photographer captured this exact expression, and it will be a photo I'll cherish forever.

Our Priest gave a beautiful Mass, very personal and very intimate. We shared tears and laughter, and after saying our vows and sealing it with a kiss, we left as husband and wife. I couldn't have asked for a nicer ceremony, with all my friends and family there, I wouldn't change a thing.

Our Wedding programs, a love story!

Just married, we jumped in the back of our Jeep where two cold ones were waiting for us. G's brother took us on a little tour of our town honking the horn while our Wedding guests followed behind, I felt like a Queen parading through town waving at people. We felt very relaxed and happy. I didn't even mind that my hair that was set in rollers all morning, was being ruined by the wind as paraded around in the topless jeep. Our photographer followed us around from one place to another taking photos, at Cabot Links, my parents house and of course, our home. At home we took some of my favorite photos in our yard, and I was able to go into my own bathroom to freshen up. Soon we were off to our Reception Hall where 200 of our family members and friends were waiting. The meal was fabulous, and the speeches were unforgettable. To no surprise, my father melted everyone's hearts with a beautiful speech, my new brothers were so sweet and charming welcoming me into their family, and my sister spoke about her love for G as her new brother and congratulated us on our marriage.

Waiting to enter the Reception Hall...

In memory of Ronsie, G's Dad, we have made a donation to The ALS Society in your name. Enjoy your Colt cigar.

Dancing the night away!

I'll never forget it, the happiest day of my life!

To be continued...
Rachel Emmilee